Tuesday, 26 May 2009

How to knit a Tea Cosy

I found this pattern whilst doing a quick google search and knitted this up with some strawberries. It is going to the local church for their strawberry fair for a raffle prize for the 20th June 2009. I also got a Whittards tea pot and a box.

I used double knit wool in pink and cream (1 ball of each colour) & 5.5mm needles.

Cast on 53 stitches with 5.5 needles (but pattern suggests 4.5 or 5mm needles). I never stick to a pattern and always use the needles I feel most comfortable with.

*K2, P2, repeat from* to last stitch, K1. Repeat this row until work measures 18cm or desired length.

Begin shaping as follows:-K2, (P3tog, K1)12 times,
P2, K1 (29 sts.)K2, P2, (K1,P1) 12 times, K1
K1, (SSK) 12 times, K2tog (16 sts.)
K1, P to last stitch, K1
K2tog 8 times across row (8 sts.)
Break yarn and thread through remaining stitches pulling tightly.

Work another piece exactly the same.

To make up, pin pieces together at the sides and roughly measure where you need your spout hole and your handle hole. Sew together using mattress stitch and add a pom pom or knitted flowers like mine.

SSK = Slip, slip, knit or alternatively you can knit 2 together through the back of the loop

Monday, 25 May 2009

Happy Birthday

It's my 42nd birthday today and I am off to buy something nice, not sure what yet! I received some lovely presents. Ian & Jack bought me a new flat panel TV for the kitchen. It's really cute and fits on the worktop and comes with Freeview. Now I can keep watching a film whilst cooking! My sister Danielle bought me two planters for the garden and a paper potter. I made lots of seedling pots out of newspaper yesterday, such a clever gadget. Bob made me a gardening sign out of wood (you can see it in the picture on the right). My parents and Ian parents gave me money, Debbie at work a glass cake dish and Carol at work a lovely necklace. And lots of pretty cards.

Spent yesterday afternoon in the garden after popping to Millbrooks in the morning to get a couple of herbs to put in a hanging basket with one of my tumbling tom plants. Ian put a hook in the middle of my pergola and it looks really good there. I used my old hanging baskets that I normally plant up for the front of the house. So I now need to get two new ones. Ian also bought some more fish for his marine tank. I'll add a photo of it soon. It looks great in the kitchen wall and so interesting to watch. I also did a bit of weeding and pottered about. It was a lovely warm afternoon and I was out there until 7pm finding things to do.

Anyway the weather is cooler today so perfect for shopping!

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend. Amanda x

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Well my climbing French beans have decided to make an appearance, finally. Well it's not been that long really but this year I am not so patient and think things are taking longer to germinate. I then look at the date on the label and think oh it's only been a few days.

I potted up my tomato plants last week and they are growing really well now. I'll be pleased when they are planted outside and given to gardening friends so I can get into my dining room without tripping over all the pots. Thinking of this I have decided to buy a lean-to greenhouse this month. It's my birthday at the end of May so Ian said he will give me some money towards it. I've found the one I want so just need to save some more pennies before I order it!

Anyway I've not been up to much as have some sort of cold/flu virus this week and it's knocked all my energy. It's not like me to sleep much and today I slept all day and I'm still tired! So hopefully by the weekend my energy levels will be restored and I can get on with some stuff in the garden.